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Machines » Fully automatic depacker for bottle packs

Decisive advantages for your production


•Fully automatic depacking of film wrapped packages

•Gentle cutting technology –no product contact with the cutting edge

•Processes round and square glass and plastic bottles

•Cuts and extract virtually all films

•Disposes of the film remains in a trade usual trash bag

•Uninterrupted change of the garbage bag after 30 minutes 

•Performance: approx. 4 Packages per minute,
means 420 bottles 125ml size

•Pack dimensions up to 400x600x155mm (WxLxH)

•Symmetric and asymmetric packs processable

•Easy format change

     Easy navigation in the operation screen in several languages

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Tecnical dataBundle min.: 375x350mm
Bundle max.: 600x400mm
Bottle diameter: 20-80mm
Bottle height: 70-155mm
Compressed air: 6 bar
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