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All of ours are a little different from each other, but for all the differences there are always commonalities that matter. All packaging machines are designed by us and built under our supervision. Even the basic types that we have developed for various applications are individually adapted to the requirements and boundary conditions of the customer. This means that every machine we build is different, but when it comes to our high standards for functionality and reliability, they are indeed all the same.

 » Rotary magazine ST-E
Our compact rotary magazine makes it possible for you to buffer your production or for work with sleeves.
 » Multi-purpose buffer magazine ST-U
Multi-purpose format-free magazine for the storage of stackable and non-stackable products...
 » Bottlecleaner AS2
400 glass- or plastic bottles per minute and max. 600ml will be cleaned of any remaining impurities immediately prior to filling. Machine process single bottles too.
 » Bottlecleaner SB
Up to 300 bottles per minute will be cleaned of any remaining impurities immediately prior to filling. Preferably suitable for glass bottles.
 » Fully automatic depacker for bottle packs
Opens and removes film from bottle packs fully automatic
 » Rotary tables
A must for a permanent production...
 » Blister seperator
Automatic blister counter makes stacks from 1 to 15 pieces...
 » Collator - Cascade Loading Unit
Collection of flat bags with gradual transfer into a packaging machine...
 » Bottlecleaner AS3
Performance up to 60 bottles per minute with 250ml bottles and 6 way machine; Be validated processes; Suitability to clean room class DIN EN 14644-1 ISO-3
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